Membership in the Long Beach-Qingdao Association offers:

Accelerated access to a burgeoning marketplace.
An existing network of contacts and resources.
Established links with government officials in Qingdao and Los Angeles with individuals in a variety of Qingdao industries and with the Chinese/America community in Southern California.
Social and cultural events, seminars on doing business with China, and missions of trade and friendship between the two cities.
Annual meetings and luncheons, educational programs, functions and receptions.
Bi-annual member newsletter.
Educational programs.
Links to California State University, Long Beach and Long Beach City College and their international organizations.

Annual Membership Dues:

Student – $15
Educator or Individual – $50
Educational Institution or Corporate (up to 50 employees) – $100
Corporate (50+ employees) – $250
Corporate (250+ employees) – $500
Sustaining Member – $5000

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LBQA is an all volunteer organization and we are seeking members to help in the leadership or contribution in the following areas:

Leadership roles to oversee these areas:
Internship Program

Individual contributors to participate in assigned tasks in these areas:
Member Relations


LBQA is seeking interns for various unpaid positions. International Business and Marketing students from Southern California Colleges and Universities are encouraged to apply. Internships are renewed quarterly based on needs and availabilities. Upon completion during each quarter you will be expected to obtain some or all of the following benefits:

Direct working relationship with one or more of the LBQA board members
A quantifiable achievement/project completion
Opportunities to participate in high level meetings
Networking opportunities with government and business leaders