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  • Connect with international students
  • Discover culture through a new perspective
  • Attend an awards ceremony & win scholarship money

In March of 2020, we (LBQA) had just wrapped up our annual Chinese New Year Festival (Feb 2020) and were getting ready to put together the Executive Youth Leadership Summit. Well, we all know what happened next… the world came to a screeching halt.

Not skipping a beat, we went to the next cultural exchange program on our list and went to work! How perfect there was already the concept of a Digital Pen Pal Program in the works. In the months that followed, 22 students across Long Beach, Qingdao, and several international cities were paired up and collaborating in this inaugural program!

Click here to see the awards ceremony which served as our grand finale to the
2020 DPP Program, and the list of winners! Might you be one of these winners in 2021?

One thing we learned from this pandemic, is we’re all in this world together. Let’s get to know each other and bridge our differences through better understanding in a fun, organic, and productive way! All university-level students are welcomed to apply.

Meet our distinguished judges from last year’s program

Special thanks to our sponsors for making an impact on our future leaders!