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06/05/2016 - Qingdao Ballet School Sends Summer Delegation to Long Beach!

A bevy of young ballet students will arrive July 31 in Long Beach to study with the Long Beach Ballet Co. Meet Them at our “Farewell Dinner”

Photo: In 2010 visit, Xiao Bai Fan ballet students perform at Port of Long Beach “GreenPort Festival”

In 2010 visit, Xiao Bai Fan ballet students perform at Port of Long Beach "Green Port Festival"

The dancers will stay with local families to learn American culture and have a great time in our SoCal sunshine!  The dancers are all students at the Xiao Bai Fan Art School, where they learn dance, music, painting, etc.

Accompanied by a group of parents and teachers, the dancers will be treated to a “Welcome” Beach Bonfire—a classic American treat—complete with hot dogs and s’mores, prior to meeting their new American families.  Next morning, they’ll begin their daily ballet classes, followed by a recital on campus at California State University, Long Beach.

Finally, on Aug. 5, our LBQA will treat the dancers, parents, homestay families, and our local friends to a “Farewell Dinner” at Forbidden City Restaurant, 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Join our “Farewell Dinner” and meet these charming dancers, their teachers and families!!  Earlybird Ticket prices are $25 per adult and $10 per child under 15.

The Xiao Bai Fan Art School visit to Long Beach is sponsored by:

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