Long Beach-Qingdao Association

Winner of the 2010 Best Overall Program Award from Sister Cities International!
06/05/2016 - Qingdao Ballet School Sends Summer Delegation to Long Beach!

A bevy of young ballet students will arrive July 31 in Long Beach to study with the Long Beach Ballet Co. Meet Them at our “Farewell Dinner” Photo: In 2010 visit, Xiao Bai Fan ballet students perform at Port of Long Beach “GreenPort Festival” The dancers will stay with local families to learn American culture and have a great time in our SoCal sunshine!  The dancers are all students at the Xiao Bai Fan Art School, where they learn dance, music, painting, etc. Accompanied by a group of parents and teachers, the dancers will be treated to a “Welcome” Beach Bonfire—a classic American treat—complet [...] Read more